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Lusatia consort

Lusatia consort - EN

 Lusatia consort - EN


    Lusatia consort was established in 1996 year, during the first years of the new millenium they started cooperation with different musical instruments players ( while performing alongside with the flutes you can hear violins, cornamuses, guitar, bagpipes, drum and vocals of course) and singers of vocal section of musical school.

The members of the ensemble prepared 3 concert programmes „Slavonic Nations Christmas“, „Celtic Christmas“and almost one-hour long historical and ethnomusic performance, which was developed on the occasion of  music festival „Srednevjeski dnevi na ljubljanskom gradu“ in Slovene Ljubljana, where the children ensemble was invited three times. Besides that they performed on Germany, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy fair.

In this year received 1st price on an international competition in Belgian Neerpelt.

The ansambel established the festival of the youngster´s international ethnic music BARABANFEST .

Ensemble performs music of several different style periods so that you have a chance to enjoy not only Renaissance songs and dances, but baroque pieces too. Not least they are involved into creation of own authentic style of expression of various nations folk music, so called world music while using some up-to-date structural techniques at time.

They are able to play while walking on a parade or a promenade.

Group cooperates with a children folk dance group Patašpička.